REACH Report on our Ladies Eyebrow Razor 女仕用修眉刀 REACH測試报告

REACH Report on our Ladies Eyebrow Razors

女仕用修眉刀 REACH測試报告

We have successfully carried out our standard product test – based on European REACH standard – on our Ladies Eyebrow Razor and the result is found satisfactory and non of the 183 Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) was found in our submitted sample.

For  further information and/or sample on our Ladies Eyebrow Razor, please do not hesitate to e-mail to Jian on “” for details.

REACH Test report Ladies Razor

我们成功地为我司的女士用修眉毛刀进行了欧盟 “REACH标准”的产品测试,结果令人满意.

并且我们提交的样品中没有发现任何被認為有高度关注物质(SVHC)的 183种成份, 确认我司高品质生产。

如有垂詢请联系 :
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QQ : 2994844127
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